The Importance of Hiring Professional Wedding Vendors: Why Bringing on Pros is a Must for a Seamless

So, you have a tight wedding budget and an aunt who’s always had a flare with flowers, a cousin who can bake a mean chocolate cake, or a college buddy who’s just starting to get into photography. Is it safe to save on resources and bring your friends and family on board in place of professional wedding vendors? I hate to be the bearer of bad news—but, as an experienced wedding planner who’s seen it all (and then some!), my answer is and always will be a resounding no (so loud it can be heard over any set of wedding bells).

If you’re considering employing hobbyists in place of actual pros, the list of things that can go wrong is long and far from lovely. Today, then, I wanted to break down three reasons professional wedding vendors are an absolute must for a seamless celebration. Read on for my top insights!

1. They understand scale in a way others can’t.

Remember that cousin who can bake a mean chocolate cake? I won’t deny their kitchen skills are probably incredible—but do they have experience with scale? Even if they’ve baked for a birthday party of 20 before or are responsible for assembling an Instagram-worthy charcuterie spread for your large extended family every Christmas, that experience simply doesn’t scale into an entire wedding.

Plus, professional caterers come with a number of things family and friends just don’t. The most important of these? Experienced staff, industrial equipment, a keen sense of timing (when to start certain items, what can be prepped in advance, etc.), and—drumroll please—trash service! Without a professional caterer on board, you’ll have to remember to bring equipment for trash and then figure out who will be responsible for hauling it away while the rest of the party is still enjoying the late-night dance-floor shenanigans.

2. They have insurance in place to protect you.

This is something couples don’t often consider when they’re thinking through the perks of hiring professional wedding vendors over family or friends—but the added bonus of insurance is absolutely pivotal to have on board. While you never expect anything to go wrong with your wedding, it sometimes can. A professional vendor will have general liability insurance—among other insurances—in place to protect you from liability should any unfortunate events occur (like someone on their team getting hurt during setup or a guest having an allergic reaction to food).

3. They bring unparalleled expertise to the table.

Your wedding isn’t a vendor’s first rodeo (which is a good thing!). Most wedding vendors have tons of experience working through a number of scenarios and are prepared for the unexpected (in a way family and friends who aren’t in the wedding industry simply can’t be). From a photographer knowing where the lighting is best as a certain hard-to-shoot venue to a florist knowing how to discreetly repurpose florals between the ceremony and reception to save you on budget, good wedding vendors—and the incredible experience they bring to the table—are worth their weight in gold.

They’ll bring up issues you never would have considered, always have a plan-B in place for setbacks you wouldn’t know to plan for, and have a portfolio to protect (they do this for a living and, in addition to wanting to exceed your expectations, are driven by the desire to create something that lives up to their brand’s standards and looks incredible online). Overall, working with someone who is an expert helps ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch (or, that if there is a hitch, you never know about it!)—allowing you to celebrate your love story without any unnecessary stress or unwelcome surprises.


Wondering which wedding vendors in Ohio are best suited to bring your wedding vision to life? That’s right in my wedding wheelhouse—vendor recommendation is a key part of my wedding planning packages! Reach out today and we’ll get a complimentary call on the books.

Here’s to assembling the ultimate dream team!