Gifting For the Bride Impacted by COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, more and more couples each and every day are having to face the challenge of changing their wedding plans, including their wedding date. If you know a couple who's been impacted, you may be stumped on how to let them know they're on your mind —especially with social distancing limiting your options. If you can't stop by to deliver a big hug, what can you do? We've included ideas in this blog post to help you with sending a gift to the special bride in your life, letting her know she's on your mind.

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Pro-tip: Select the gift option and have it sent directly to her. Don't forget to include a heartfelt note to let her know who it's from and that she's on your mind.

My personal favorites are the Rose Wine Glasses and the Kendra Scott earrings! The faux pearl clutch could also be a "Something New' for the wedding day! All of the above gifts would make lovely surprises, to let any bride know that she is on your mind during this trying time. Many are shielding their emotions, however, from working on new plans with many brides - I can assure you, a small token at this time to let her know she's on your mind may be the encouragement needed to lift spirits during this especially difficult time.

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