Wedding Etiquette: Guiding principals which allows for treating others with kindness...

If you saw my Instagram post from earlier today, you know by now that a simple conversation with my mom over the phone today sparked the execution of an idea I've been juggling around personally for quite some time - starting an Endearing Events blog. I find inspirations for weddings and hosting events in my every day life, and I am hoping my blog will not only serve as an outlet to share wedding inspired ideas, plans, and advice, but also to share contributions to the industry and to serve as a resource to my clients. I also hope it serves as an inspirational mechanism for my followers who aren't planning a wedding, but want to develop ideas for their next gathering or holiday party. I'm no longer a bride myself (to be honest, I wish I could relive my wedding every single day!) but, I love having any and every reason in the world to take a theme, add my own personal touch, and invite friends and family to my home to enjoy it. So, with that being said, I hope you will join this blogging adventure with me, as the principal planner of Endearing Events, and as Angela. You will learn about me as an individual, a wedding planner, a host, a dog mom, and a wife, and I hope you will enjoy the journey as much as I know I will!

As for my first blog post, I want to write about wedding etiquette from a very high level. I am discussing this topic not from the traditional stuffy point of view, but instead more along the lines of having guiding principals which allows for treating others with kindness. Wedding etiquette is not about throwing your individual values as a feminist, progressive, or millennial to the wayside. It's about living out those values and staying true to your story, while still trying to make your parents, family, and friends feel loved and included on your big day, instead of the opposite. So, while many wedding logistics have changed since your parents and grandparents got married, the underlying factors and need of good manners have not. Check out five etiquette topics below that recently peaked my interest:

1. Online RSVPs - Utilizing these for your wedding invitations depends on the style and overall vibe of your wedding. If it's a very casual or modern affair, this might be the choice for you. For the traditional bride-to-be envisioning a grand wedding, we recommend sticking to the standard response cards. Keep in mind, it will also be a likely challenge for older guests who may not use or have access to the internet like younger guests. So, if you do choose to go this route, always give guests an option to call with their response as well.

2. Registry Information - Generally, it's considered rude to include registry information with your wedding invitation suite. We recommend adding registry information to your wedding website, and including the website URL on your Save the Date. You may also include registry information on the bridal shower invitations.

3. Maid of Honor - Traditionally, your MOH will help you plan your big day and the fun activities along the way (bachelorette party, anyone?). But, if you don't want to have one, you don't have to. It's as simple as that. Or, if you want to have two, go for it. There's no right or wrong answer to this. If there is not one person who specifically comes to mind when picking your Maid of Honor, you might want to have more than one—or none at all—to avoid tension, stress and hurt feelings.

4. Inviting an Ex - If this was a very juvenile relationship or more along the lines of a childhood relationship, then go for it, as long as your significant other and families are onboard. But, keep in mind, those that ended sticky or may not lead to the best introduction at the wedding should stay off the guest list. You don't want anyone to feel awkward the day of your wedding, especially your new husband / wife, or anyone in your family. When in doubt, leave them out.

5. Out of Town Guests - Keep in mind the guests you're inviting from out of town. To them, your wedding is a travel experience, often including airports or long car rides. Be mindful of timelines for these guests from the beginning - giving them information with ample time to budget, plan, and execute is key. These people are going through a lot of effort and expense to celebrate your special day, and it's your job to welcome them with open arms. Set up a hotel block at two or three locations within various budgets, shuttles to and from the hotel(s), and don't forget to have welcome bags at each when they check in. It's your responsibility to go out of your way to make sure they know how much you appreciate them traveling to see you, and to host them with grace.

If you have other topics regarding wedding etiquette you'd like me to touch base on, feel free to comment below or send me a DM. Also, don't forget to subscribe to my blog at the bottom of my website to get updates about when I post! Thanks for taking the time to read - stay tuned for my next post soon!

Happy Planning!



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